Happy New Year!

psymin posted Jan 6, 17

From the Mayors Desk:


Greetings fellow Paletonians and Happy New Year! 

I'd like to take this opportunity to reflect on our amazing year that was 2016, and to look towards the bright future in 2017.  

2016 was a year of amazing growth, with many new and awesome additons to our little community. we had some founders and OGs upgrade to current-generation hardware and frolic in moar grass, and we had some founders and OGs retire and move into other pursuits, and we solidified our place on!  

Certification and recognition of our community by the greater gtao community was a huge accomplishment and stands as a testament to the way we conduct ourselves and enjoy this amazing game together, and that is something that id like to touch on a bit more...  

Gtao is a medium for people to express themselves, either in combat, automotive pursuits, fashion, and other art forms like photography and videography... and as we move into this new year of possibilities, I'd like to see our activities in game broaden again to include more than just combat.  

Our three way crew alliance with the official GTAF crew and the Vans Society really highlights what is at the core of the PBMO, a cooperative way to play a game that gives people tonnes of ways to express themselves, either as an ass or as a buddy. we were founded on the idea that there is much more to gta online besides the trigger-happy tendencies that seem to be the majority of the player base, and being a part of the PBMO and wearing our TAG in-game or our PIP on the forums is how we are known and why we are a part of the official crews recognized by the largest GTA fansite and most influential GTA community on the web, 

As we move into some exciting new opportunities and a closer relationship with the other certified crews on gtaf, it is important that we keep our core values in mind, and do more to showcase what sets the PBMO apart from the rest.  

I hope that all of us can move into 2017 with more creativity and cooperative opportunities which is really the core of what the PBMO represents.  

2016 has been an amazing year, and I tingle in my mayor-parts when I think of the possibilities that await the PBMO in the upcoming months. 

I am honoured and proud to call you all my neighbours!  

Here's to more cool shit!! 


- the mayor 


PajeroJonas Awesome post !!!! I'm proud to wear the PBMO-tag in game :)
AlienTwo Awesome post, Mr. Mayor, and agreed all around. It's been a great year, great to get to know all of the people in ...
Audi 👍

Paleto Bay Mayors Outlaws

This most recent GTA game update has brought something we in the PBMO have been trying to create since the inception of the crew; a proper MC.  With this update we've been able to move from the jerry-rigged versions we'd had before to the full, culbhouse supported, Paleto Bay Mayors Outlaws, with  B-Turbo as the sitting President, .  This is a crew open for all members of the PBMO who hear the cry of the open road to join, so rev up, dress down and get patched with the newsest PBMO: the Paleto Bay Mayors Outlaws!!!

Thank to Supa for creating such a killer logo, may we all be the wild beasts we wear on our leathers!

FrikkenZz Awesome Supa! You are a beast at this! :)
Supanaut Looking forward to rocking this on my leathers with you guys :)
DeucesRage Awesome emblem, still can't get over it!

Some of you may remember in the early days of PBMO, we had a real focus on slight Role Playing by incorporating the businesses of Paleto Bay, giving them a breath of fresh air by giving them owners. These people would post on the occasion of what their businesses were doing and it really started to expand. When SgtScooter was away from quite some time, this side of the crew was shelved. There were no rules and it was anarchy back in the day. We had people just "claiming" businesses on a whim and never returned back to the crew. The idea was sound, but the implementation was terrible.

The months have rolled by, SgtScooter stood down and gave the throne to Psymin and we started to focus on the multiplayer side of our crew. The focus, has turned us into a multiplatform multiplayer/social crew, with BBQ's for CG and PC and on the occasion, inter-crews like the VS vs PBMO PS4 Race meet and the upcoming PC PBMO vs VS meet. It has turned our crew into a very enjoyable crew. But, something was missing. We run the town, but what about the businesses?

Civic Update

psymin posted Mar 11, 16

From the Mayors Desk:

Good Morning neighbours and friends of our fair town of Paleto Bay!

In the recent weeks we have gone through some pretty exciting changes and development, namely having our fine organization recognised as the Official Management of Paleto Bay, San Andreas.

I addition to that major change, we have seen an influx of collaboration and participation in our fine town from other members of societies and organizations across the state, which truly is a testament to the Paleto Bay Way.

Quadro09 Thanks guys much appreciated. @ Monk - Man, those days were epic. Even without microphones, we meshed so well as a team....
Sickfried congrats guys !!! & wise choice Mr. Mayor, Sir. wise choice.
monkb4skunk Yes well done ladies, you guys do definitely deserve it. Quadro if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have a quarter...

PBMO has been Certified on the GTA Forums!!!

Hello Everyone!

Today, we have been certified by the moderators and admins from GTA Forums!

monkb4skunk #Paletostrong
lukedalyD12 Woo Hoo!! We did it!
Quadro09 Yup, they need a nice news piece on newswire stating the true man for the throne!!! Alien deserves a mod menu to control...
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